The Allen’s Cay Iguanas

The Bahamian Rock Iguana

This native, unique to the Bahamas, is found on several islands including Allen’s Cay and Exuma Cay.  They can grow up to 4 ft long in Exuma and feed mainly on leaves, fruits, and flowers of the native fauna.

The species is endangered and is protected by the Wild Animals Protection Act.

More information on these magnificent creatures can be found on the Bahamas National Trust website:

Allens Cay Iguanas

Interesting Iguana Facts:

(from the BNT website)

  • Rock iguanas used to be eaten by early inhabitants of The Bahamas. Today it is illegal to harm or capture a Rock iguana.
  • The Andros Rock iguana is the largest iguana in The Bahamas and can attain a length of nearly five to six feet.
  • The most threatened Bahamian iguanas are the San Salvador iguanas.
  • The serrated ridge along the spine of the Rock iguana radiates excess heat from the iguana’s body. In territorial displays this ridge makes the iguana appear larger to its adversaries.
  • Iguanas are equipped with breakable tails which cleave off neatly when seized by a hand or a predator. A new tail begins to regenerate immediately.
  • Rock iguanas can live for up to forty years!

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