Frequently Asked Questions


How far is it from Nassau to Pig Beach?

It is approximately 90 miles and takes about 2 to 3 hours to travel there by boat.  Flights are about an hour from Nassau, and the local boat trip can take 10 to 45 minutes to arrive.

How can you get to see the pigs?

There are a few options – you can take a boat, fly into George Town Airport, or take a private airplane, seaplane or helicopter.

Do I need to stay overnight?

No, in most cases you will be able to do a day-trip to see the pigs.  Some tours include other stops such as feeding the iguanas. If you choose to stay overnight, you can find amazing beach-front hotels in Great Exuma or in the remote islands, such as the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

Can I go from my hotel in Nassau?

Yes, most of our options allow you to keep your hotel in Nassau as they are just day-trips.  Whether you are staying on Paradise Island (such as Atlantis), Cable Beach (Melia or BahaMar) or downtown (the British Colonial Hilton), we can arrange transportation for you and your group.


Is it safe to feed the pigs?

The pigs are considered feral animals. They are used to interacting with people however. They are not known to attack people, but they have been known to bite persons who are inappropriately feeding them or if they think they can jump or lunge to get food. Be careful around the animals and if you have small children be sure to talk with them beforehand and keep a close on eye on them.

How safe are the excursions?

There are many different ways to get down to Exuma, and you should do your research before you go.  A lot of the boat tours have standing room only and will overcrowd the vessels.   It should be noted that most European and US boat charters only allow for up to 12 persons for excursions, and are required to have seats, lifejackets, and safety equipment for all on board.

Are the Exuma tours insured?

You should check with us or your tour provider to make sure you are insured – the company should have at least 1-million dollars in liability, and also have liability insurance for when off the boat and interacting with the animals – just in case.

How much does it cost?

The following approximations are per-person unless otherwise noted:

From Nassau

Fly in Trips – $550+

  • Taxi to Nassau Airport (LPIA) – $40
  • Flight from Nassau to Exuma – $200+
  • Taxi from George Town Airport (MYEG) to Marina – $30
  • Half Day Tour (2-3 hrs) – $150+
  • Taxis back to Exuma airport and to hotel in Nassau – $70
  • Snacks, Lunch and Drinks – $45+
  • Food for the pigs – $10

Staniel Cay Fly-in (for two) – $1000+

  • Taxi to Nassau Airport (LPIA) – $40
  • Flight from Nassau to Staniel Cay (MYES) – $420+
  • Half Day Boat Charter (3-4 hrs) – $500+
  • Snacks, Lunch and Drinks – $110+
  • Food for the pigs – $10

Harbour Safaris Swimming Pig Excursion – $365 per person

  • RIB boat transportation from Bay Street Marina to the Exuma Cays
  • Full Day Tour (approximately 8am to 5pm)
    • Nature stops include Allens Cay for the iguanas, Big Majors Cay (Pig Beach)
    • Travel through the Exumas including seeing Highbourne Cay, Normans Cay, Shroud Cay
    • See sights such as homes of the rich and famous (Johnny Depp!) and film locations such as Thunderball Grotto
  • Includes snacks, water, and drinks
  • Includes lunch at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club
  • Includes food for the pigs and the iguanas

Other Options

  • Seaplane Charters – starting from $2500 for up to 3-persons
  • Helicopter Tours – limited options available, pricing upon request

How do I book my tour?

To book an excursion to the swimming pigs, you can contact us directly or fill out our online contact form.  We’ll help you customize your tour to your budget and schedule!

What if I have a large group?

There are several options for large groups, including direct boat charters from Nassau Harbor and custom plane charters.

Do you offer VIP Tours?

We can setup VIP tours upon request, including luxury yacht charters, executive flight travel, champagne and caviar lunches, and more!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!