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If you’re heading down to Exuma, then you’re already heading to one of the most beautiful places in the world! The gorgeous crystal clear waters of the Bahamas shine through spectacularly, so much so that it’s regularly noted by NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly on his Twitter account!

Mainland Exuma

Once you’re down in the islands and settled in, there’s a lot to explore on Great Exuma and it’s adjoining island, aptly named Little Exuma.  Check out the caves up in Rolle Town, the Chat N Chill bar on Stocking Island or explore the bush and beaches on ATVs with We Tree Group.  Head down to Little Exuma to see the Tropic of Cancer Beach and stop at Santana’s for lunch.

ATV Tours Exuma

Explore the Cays

After you’ve spent a few days getting to know the larger islands, why not head North to the world-famous archipelago, the Exuma Cays?  These small and scattered islands are home to the rich and famous as well as many yacht clubs and marinas that are the envy of the world!  Many well-known films have been based here, from Pirates of the Caribbean on one end of the spectrum to the locally made When Pigs Swim on the other.

Within the keys lies a small island called Big Major’s Cay, just north of Staniel Cay. This uninhabited (by people!) island is home to wild cats, a handful of goats, and the unfathomable swimming pigs.  These once domesticated pigs are slightly more feral now, however their main source of food is from visitors.  There is a fresh water source on the island to keep them well hydrated.  On occasion the pigs have piglets, and the little guys learn from their parents the skills needed to survive on a deserted island.

pigs and piglets in Exuma

Planning your Exuma Cays Excursion

You’ve already done the hard part – getting down to Exuma!  Now all that’s left is to find a reputable charter or scheduled tour to take you to see the swimming pigs, and the rest of the Exuma Cays!  Most will also include a stop to feed the Bahamian rock iguanas, swim with nurse sharks, an island-style lunch, or at least a beach-stop.  There are many different departure points also, which will effect your travel time in either the boat or the taxi from Georgetown.

If you need help in planning and recommendations for who to use, use the form below to get in touch with us.  We know the many features and schedules of the various tour providers and can match you up perfectly!  Whether you want to charter the whole boat or join a group, we can find your ideal tour!

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