About the Pigs

Can Pigs Swim?

Yes!  Pigs all over the world can swim, but they choose not to – but when they get in the warm blue waters of the Exumas, who wouldn’t want to swim?

Where are the pigs located?

The most famous place is Big Majors Cay (also called Pig Beach), just North of Staniel Cay in the Exuma chain.  However, there are other islands in the Bahamas that have a pig or two, such as up North near Treasure Cay, Abaco.

Are they safe to feed?

Yes – if you’re very careful. We recommend you keep your hands clear of their food, as they can be aggressive. Tossing the food to them is the best way to feed them.  We recommend keeping a safe distance for selfies and group shots, and don’t harass the animals – remember these are wild pigs, not domesticated pets. If you have small children it is best to try and keep them clear – the pigs can be quite large and heavy and may knock them over. There are cases of people getting bitten by the pigs – in most cases, the animals were going after the food.  Be very careful when feeding the pigs.

What do they eat?

The pigs are fed all kinds of things, due to their scattered variety of visitors. Most people bring leftovers – bread, vegetables such as carrots and lettuce, and fruits.

Remember pigs are vegetarians, please don’t feed them your leftover turkey sandwich or cheeseburger!

What do they drink?

There is a source of fresh-water on the island which keeps them hydrated.  Each pig needs about 5 to 10 liters of water a day.  Some of their guests give them bottled water also.  Please, please, please – do not serve the pigs any type of alcohol, including beer.  While it may be funny to someone, it is extremely detrimental to their health.

How did they get there?

There are many different stories about how they got there. Here’s what we’ve heard:

  • Shipwrecked – the animals were part of a shipwreck many years ago, where they survived on the island.
  • Pirates – the pigs were left by swashbuckling sailors to breed and grow, to be used as a source of food while travelling through the Exuma cays.
  • Staniel Cay natives – the pigs were put on Big Majors Cay more recently to prepare the pigs for feasts
  • Tourism – the pigs were purposely placed here to attract tourists and business

Whatever story may be true, the fact remains that they are there and are a true wonder of the natural world!

pigs can swim!


Exuma Guide

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